March 2008



We arrived in Geneva, Switzerland so early in the morning I got to see DJ, Sam and Kim before they went to school.  We went to pick them up after school and watched Sam and Kim in a basketball game.



The next day we went to an Auto Show and DJ and I had a scavenger hunt for things to find.  One thing was an underwater car (left).  There was a cool jeep and it looked like this (see right).  DJ & I got into a small “Smart Car” and pretended we were racing.  There was even a car inside a bubble that was moving back and forth so DJ tried to hold the bubble up.




Later we walked alongside the lake.  The path took us to something called the Jet D’eau.  It is a water fountain that shoots water way up into the air.  It sometimes makes rainbows.


 That night we went to the Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  DJ told me to get a strawberry syrup drink.  It was so good!  We played some fun games like pass the 20 centimes at the table.  I couldn’t sleep at all that night.  I was awake at 4 o’clock in the morning and then I finally fell asleep.


                                                                    On Saturday we went skiing in Megeve.  It was warm and
                                                                    sunny and both families skied together.  DJ and I went
                                                                    whizzing down the mountain and our moms couldn’t even
                                                                    see us.  Megeve is in France just over an hour away.







On Sunday the weather was drizzling but not that cold.  We drove along the lake to Montreux to see a castle.  We saw a giant egg in a nest in the moat.  In the castle we went all the way down to the cellar and also went to the top of the tower.  I thought the old toilets were crazy.  They were just holes that went right out into the lake.  We had lunch at the castle and for dessert I had crepes.  They are flat pancakes with your choice of filling and then folded up.  I had one with chocolate and one with cinnamon sugar.  They were awesome!







We went skiing in Verbier on Monday.  It is in Switzerland and is very steep.  It didn’t have very good snow but it had very good runs.  On one run Mrs. Shelton hurt her knee.  Oh no!!!  She had to get a ride down the mountain on a sled with a skier pulling her.  She couldn’t ski for the rest of the week.  For dinner that night we had DJ’s grandmother’s famous meatballs and pizzelles.




We went for a walk by the United Nations building and we saw a gigantic chair with three legs and one broken off.  The chair is a symbol against land mines.


One night we went out for fondue for dinner.  You dip bread in a big pot of melted cheese.  It was great but my favorite was dessert.  I had profiteroles.




We went to a flea market and I got two souvenirs.  One was a glass turtle and some quartz crystals.  I bought three but the man gave me one for free.  Then we went to a park with big chess pieces and me and DJ played chess.  When we finished our game we went over to a playground.



We went to Chamonix in France on Thursday for our last day of skiing.  In Chamonix they just got 27 cm of fresh snow so the snow was great.  We went down a blue trail that took us back to a button.  The button is like a lift but it doesn’t lift you in the air.  There is a pole that you hold onto and a little circle that looks like a button.  You sit on the button with your skis on the snow and it drags you up the mountain.  We could see Mont Blanc which is covered in snow every year.  It is the tallest mountain in Europe.


On our last day we went to a shopping mall because it was snowing and raining.  I got a really cool soccer ball and some Swiss chocolate at the big Migros (a grocery store that sells clothes too).  DJ and I played for the rest of the day and stayed up late because we were leaving early the next morning.


That’s my trip in Switzerland.          The End.


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