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Sunrise aboard our 747We left London in mid-afternoon, and quickly caught up with the night as we flew east over the North Sea, and out over Scandanavia.  We flew for hours through the night, although through our north facing window, we could see sunlight leaking from your side of the world over the North Pole.  Finally, the sky went totally dark, and soon enough, we caught up with the sunrise.  It was quite a sight at 31,000 feet as the sun rose over Siberia.  Several hundred hours later, we landed in Narita Airport, north of Tokyo, and in a flash we were in our hotel, thrilled to finally be able to take a shower.
Marriott Ginza Tobu Hotel LobbyAfter having traveled 36 hours, catching only a hour or two of sleep, we did some sleepwalking around our hotel. Our slow pace was a clear annoyance to the busy locals trying to get around us, but we were moving as fast as we could.  It seems that we can communicate reasonably well, but the lack of readable street signs was a little unnerving.  This photo is the lobby of our hotel, the Ginza Tobu Renaisance Hotel. Not a bad little place.

We randomly selected a noodle shop for lunch, and had a fabulous meal for less than $10, surrounded by slurping salarymen.  No raw fish yet, aka sushi, but we're having that for breakfast tomorrow.  MAYBE!

Ginza Shopping DistrictThe bigger the building, the bigger the nose of the person being photographed in front of it.  As you can see, I had to face the camera so that I did not block out the entire view.  Our hotel is in the Ginza shopping district which is where all the large department stores are.  That's where we ran into an old friend that some of you might recognize (see right).
The Real Godzilla?
Then we made our way to the Hibiya Gardens and walked around the Imperial Palace.  The Royal Family is currently in residence so the Palace and inner grounds are not open to the public. Surrounding the entire complex of palace and gardens though is a tremendous black stone wall, punctuated with these beautiful white gatehouses and stone bridges over a massive moat.

Another Gate at Imperial Palace
Gate at the Imperial Palace
It was a long 36 hours for us so we turned in early.  Check this page again for more pictures from Tokyo.

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