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Thanks for stopping by.  In case you didn't know, we are traveling for the next two weeks, from August 23 to September 10 in the big cities of Asia (see itinerary below).  For some reason we decided that we would like to complicate our trip by trying to keep in contact with friends and family while we are away.

At Logan AirportWe hope to keep updating the site on a regular basis.  This, for example, is being written in the British Airways Executive Lounge at London's Heathrow Airport (thanks John!).  Since we are in London, how about a weather report?  Today, the pilot reported about 57 degrees, and as the sun comes up outside the lounge window, it is partly cloudy.  Not a bad late summer morning.

Unfortunately, we are not certain that we are going to be able to get uplinks in every city in which we visit, especially in China.  We will do the best we can, and we Our plane to Heathrowboth hope that you will check out the site to share our adventure.

Please let us know what you think about our attempt at a travel log.  We have installed an email link, but if it is non-functional (this is our first time at this), you can email us directly at .  We would love to hear from you!

Please note that all dates are our time (14 hours ahead of EST).  It is tommorrow right now in China and  Japan.

August 25-28                            Tokyo

August 28-31                            Kyoto

August 31-September 2            Shanghai

September 2-5                          Beijing

September 5-9                          Hong Kong